7 Quick Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Here are seven easy to implement weight loss tips that you can start using straight away.

1. Water Water & More Water

Think you’re hungry? Don’t be so sure. A common problem for people trying to control their diet is they confuse hunger and thirst. This leads to people taking in extra calories when a drink will do the trick. Find water a bit boring? Add a few drops of lemon or lime juice or even have a cup of flavoured green tea.

2. Eat Small & Often

DO NOT SKIP MEALS, especially not breakfast. Not only is it is unhealthy but will cause you to gain weight in the long run. Your body is like an intelligent engine, if you miss a meal you are missing out on fuel, your body will think it needs to preserve energy so it slows your metabolism which can leave you feeling weak and craving food.

When you get to this stage you are more likely to snack or gorge. Instead aim to eat every three hours or so, they don’t have to be full on meals so think about things like fruit and nuts or maybe a bowl of muesli with skimmed milk. Another alternative that is easy to digest and quick to make in small portions are smoothies.

3. Don’t Skimp on Protein

sandwich-498379_640Ever wonder why you feel hungry again an hour after eating a Chinese. It’s because of all those carbs. Noodles and white rice are digested very quickly so the hunger pangs raise their ugly heads again after a brief respite.

Protein on the other hand is slower to digest so keeps you feeling fuller for longer. It’s not all about chicken breast and white fish either, try adding things like low fat cheese, nuts or beans to your diet.

If you are really struggling to up your protein intake don’t be afraid of protein shakes, they are not just for body builders and athletes. Just having a couple of 20g shakes a day will give you that extra protein you need without adding excess fat or other unnecessary calories.

4. Spice

Quite simply food that is full of flavour is more satisfying than something bland and if you are satisfied you will eat less. Try chopping up a chilli and adding it to your scrambled eggs in the morning. If that’s a bit full on just adding a few drops of tabasco to your salad will have the same effect.

5. Slow Down

wl-tips It can take 20 minutes for your stomach to signal that it’s had enough food. That’s 20 minutes where you are potentially putting away unnecessary mouthfuls. Take your time chewing your food and savouring the flavour rather than just trying to clear your mouth ready for the next spoonful.

Oh and another thing, drink water with your meal, try to get through 500ml sipping between mouthfuls (Healthy Weight Loss Tips No. 1). Not only will it slow your eating down but it will make you feel fuller.

6. Don’t Get Weighed Down with Weight

Like age your weight is just a number, don’t be a slave to it. Don’t weigh in more than once a week so you get a good picture of the direction you are going, else it will just kill your motivation to lose weight. Remember weight loss is a slow process if done right, and by right we mean losing weight that will stay off. Instead of scales use the mirror to track your progress. Results you can see are better than results you can measure.

7. Temptation

Simple really, don’t have a cupboard full of things that you can grab when your willpower has taken a dive. Biscuits, chocolate bars and crisps. Get rid of them! If you have to have snacks around for kids or the other half make sure you buy things you don’t like then no matter how low you go you won’t be reaching out to them for comfort.

Got any tips you could share with us? Please do so in the comments below!

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