jessica-b.comHi! My name is Jessica Brown and I’m the owner of this website. Even though I never really suffered from having too much weight on me, the idea of being able to change my weight and outlook dramatically by doing and eating certain things (or not!) always fascinated me.

Since I’ve been a little girl at high school I experimented with ways to eliminate body fat in specific parts of my body – most experiments failed utterly but others worked surprisingly well. After college, I noticed some of my classmates suffering from serious weight gain and I offered to give some tips. Surprisingly, many felt offended, but some were eager to listen…and they enjoy a normal weight and body again today.

When I saw that others found the same success, I decided to create a website so more people could benefit from it – hopefully you! So if you are reading this and you frequently feel out of energy or just can’t find the motivation to lose weight: you’ve come to the right place. I hope my articles will help you with some inspiration to get your nutrition back on track again. If you have any questions, feel free to comment on my articles or send me a message through my contact form.

Jessica Brown