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Green Coffee Bean Max Extract has beaten its' competitors on many levels. With the highest concentration of Chlorogenic Acid found and the lack of any artificial additives it binds fat before it can enter the bloodstream, suppresses appetite, and heightens metabolic levels, resulting in a very effective weight loss combo.

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Ever since Dr. Oz, the famous Physician and Television Host, talked about Green Coffee Bean Maxon his program as a great fat-burning product, a lot of people have become curious as to what this product can really do.

There are so many weight loss regimens out there right now, and products that claim that they can help you lose weight – fast. But are they for real?

Well, if you’re one of those who want to know more about Green Coffee Bean Extract, here are some good thoughts to ponder on, because this product is worth a second look for several reasons.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – What Is It & What Can It Do?

For starters, coffee is made by roasting the red beans found inside the pods, which turns the beans brown. To make Green Coffee Bean Extract, however, the seeds are soaked and concentrated instead of being roasted.

Because of these processes, the coffee’s natural fat-burning components remain intact, and Chlorogenic Acid also stays inside the beans.

This means that the beans are full of antioxidants, so you can expect that your skin will look glowing and healthy, and you’ll feel younger and more beautiful, too.

Basically, what happens is that your liver will realize that there’s an increased intake of Chlorogenic Acid in your body.

green-coffee-bean-maxWhen this happens, calories that you get to consume aren’t stored as body fat. And then, the green coffee bean extract together with Chlorogenic Acid slows down the uptake of fats and sugar in the blood stream, making sure that no unnecessary weight gets added to your body. In turn, you will experience major weight loss!

Aside from that, you can also expect that:

  • Sugar Cravings will be reduced, and blood sugar levels will be balanced. This means that excess fat won’t get to be stored in your body;
  • Metabolism will be boosted, so you’d get to easily digest food and absorb just the nutrients that you need, and;
  • There’s no need to worry about high amounts of caffeine in your drink because Green Coffee only has a few. There’s basically just around 10% of caffeine in each capsule, unlike other kinds of diet pills in the market.

It is also said that Green Coffee Bean (or in short “GCB”) is effective for reducing High Blood Pressure, and may also be effective in the prevention of certain diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease, amongst others. Research has it that a 28-day treatment is enough to reduce the effects of High Blood Pressure.

Does GCB Work?

scam-or-notWell, the question about whether green coffee beans work always depends on the people who are trying, or who have tried the said product, but generally, it does work, especially for weight loss.

So, you can conclude that it is not a scam. It has also been featured in various television shows in big TV networks such as FOX, CNN, and NBC, and has been proven legitimate by the FDA.

In a study conducted in 2012, it was found out that those who consumed 700 mg and 1050 mg doses of the beans have lost at least 16 pounds in just six weeks. Clinical Trials have also proved that there have been moderate effects of GCB in helping people lose weight in just a short period of time.

Green Coffee Bean Max Customer Reviews

One of the leading, if not the best, green coffee brands on the market right now is Green Coffee Bean Max. Here’s what some of the customers have to say about it:

  • happy-customerLindsay from Texas says that amongst all the weight loss products that she has tried in recent years, GCB Max is by far, the best;
  • Diana from the United Kingdom, who was once depressed and ashamed for her weight, is now feeling happy because after using GCB Max for just 30 days, she was able to lose weight and feel better about herself, and;
  • Lisa who resides in California said that now, she no longer feels embarrassed to wear her bathing suits because she’s more confident after being able to lose weight without the need for surgery or hard diet regimens.

In general, those who have tried the said product have lost at least 10 pounds, on average, in just the span of a month.

Results – A Look At Some Before And After Reports

To help you get a better idea as to how GCB really works, here are the results of some of the tests that have been conducted before:before-after

  • 16 individuals who were deemed overweight were asked to take Green Coffee Bean Max 30 minutes before mealtime for three times each day, without changing their eating habits or physical activity, in a span of 22 weeks. The results? Body fat decreased by 16 percent and the participants lost 17 pounds in general, in the said period of time.
  • Everyone knows how delicate it is for women past their 30’s to try diet products, especially those that are full of chemicals. What’s good about this product is that it’s all natural, which means that it is healthy. Susan, a 46 year old woman from Boston, used to be 170 pounds, but with the help of the said product, she was able to lose 18 pounds in just 4 weeks and now feels happy about her weight!
  • Not only women are fond of using GCB Max. In fact, one of the best success stories out there comes from Donald of Las Vegas, a 36 year old man who suffered from Obesity. Aside from being able to lose weight after two months of using GCB Max, he was also able to let go of his blood pressure medication! And, he lost 110 pounds in a span of 10 months. Now, he feels so much better about himself, and feels more confident, too.

Potential Side Effects

Of course, it is also important to think about what the side effects of these beans are. While they are pretty much minimal, it’s important to still keep them in mind, just to be safe and to make sure that in case you are suffering from allergies, the situation won’t get worse.

  • Anxiety Disorders. While there’s only a small amount of caffeine in each of the capsules, it may trigger anxiety, especially for those who are prone to have anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Glaucoma. Pressure inside the eye can also be increased due to caffeine. These attacks may last for at least 30 to 90 minutes.
  • Heart Diseases. Chlorogenic Acid is one important component of green coffee. However, taking too much of it may cause high levels of Homocysteine in the body, which is associated to the development of some heart diseases. It may also heighten cholesterol levels, but again, it depends on the person.

    Common Side Effects

    Common Side Effects

  • Blood Sugar Levels of those affected with Diabetes are not controlled well, so it’s best to think thoroughly before trying any kind of diet pills.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Of course, taking caffeine may disrupt your digestive processes so you may expect that you could suffer from diarrhea or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Bleeding Disorders. Those who also suffer from blood disorders have to take extra precaution as caffeine, even small amounts of it, may trigger bleeding even more.
  • Osteoporosis. This happens one in a million, but what you have to know is that some people are sensitive to coffee, especially if they don’t have enough calcium in their body. Drinking coffee may lead to thinning of the bones which may lead to Osteoporosis, especially if one takes more than 300 mg per day.

Take note that these are just guidelines and only happens on case to case basis, so you can still feel free to use Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Ingredients And What They Do


Green Coffee Beans

You know what’s great about them? Unlike other kinds of green coffee products on the market, GCB Max uses 800 mg of pure green coffee extract—without any fillers, additives, or binders!

What does this mean? It means that you won’t have to suffer any of the side effects mentioned above, and there would be no chemical indigestion.

Plus, with the help of this product, you wouldn’t have to take on exhausting exercises that will make you feel like losing weight is such a hard thing to do. You can also expect that you wouldn’t suffer from palpitations or headaches that most diet pills cause as these are purely vegetarian capsules that you’ll be taking!

Where To Buy The Product

where-to-buy-greemn-coffee-extractWell, if you want to buy the product, you may check out your local grocery or health store, but just to make sure that what you’ll get is fresh and safe, it would be best to head over to the official manufacturer website.

Aside from being able to get the best kind of product in the market, if you buy GCB Max from the above website, you’ll also be able to get awesome bonuses, such as:

  • The Weight Loss Secrets Book, which will show you everything you need to know about how to increase metabolism, and how to lose weight based on your body type;
  • The Summer Diets Book, which will help you understand how to eat healthy by making low-calorie recipes and knowing which foods are helpful for weight loss, and;
  • You’ll become a part of their Weight Management Club for free! This way, you get to have a support group with you who’ll understand exactly what you are going through!

Green Coffee Bean Max in Australia, UK & Canada

As Green Coffee Bean Max Extract also makes waves in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, you can be sure that it’s safe, and that many people would like to try what it can do for them.

For those living in the said countries, it would also be good to order the product from the website mentioned above so you would have no problems regarding shipping, and can expect only the best products, too.

Lastly, here are some of the best green coffee brands in the market that you have to know about:

  • Perfect Green Coffee, which is made in the United States, has Chlorogenic levels of 40 to 50%, and is made from 100% pure coffee bean extract;
  • Pure Green Coffee Bean, which binds fat, suppresses appetite, and heightens metabolic levels;
  • Futurebiotics GCB Extract, which contains other plant constituents, aside from green coffee and has 200 grams of Chlorogenic acid, and;
  • Green Coffee Bean Max, which has 800% green coffee extract, has no additives, and increases fat oxidation so you can lose weight in just a short amount of time.


Among all the brands mentioned above, it is GCB Max that was able to capture the attention of many, and has given the best results mainly because it contains the most amount of extract without having too much caffeine; plus, unlike other brands mentioned above, this one uses pure green coffee alone – so it stays true to its nature and to what it advertises.

Being made from the pure beans, you can expect that there would be no hassle in taking it, as you won’t suffer from any side effects; also, because of the number of testimonials that the brand has received over the past couple of months, you can also be sure that it’s safe to use – so you can now put your worries to rest!


gcb_rectangleThese days, losing weight is not just about being vain; it’s also about giving yourself the chance to feel better about yourself, be able to take on more opportunities, and have the chance to live a healthier, and happier life.

With the help of GCB Max, you’ll get to lose weight in a natural manner, without burning a hole in your pocket, and without feeling that losing weight is not an easy process.

This way, you also would not have to worry about which ingredients were used, or if a product is right for you because this one right here is all natural—and can be attested to by many. Break out of your shell, and be a happier and healthier person—starting today!

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